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Voted Our Best Prank Yet….

pranksSo this is a prank that was sent into us from Ohio. More and more schools are now starting to firm up there security. So they have been investing in school id systems. This has lead to many pupils looking at the best way to try pull a prank on either there fellow pupils or teachers. Now before I continue I must stress this is not one of the most affordable pranks but one that was very funny. So here is the story.

This school announced that they were going to implement a system where all pupils would receive ID cards that would allow them to sign in and out of classes and pay for lunches using the card. This lead to some pupils looking for an opportunity. The school had planned to have a assembly to show case the system to everybody. So two of the pupils from the school decided to think ahead and get some custom card made that look and work just like the head of IT’s. They knew that he was the one that was going to demonstrate the system in front of the whole school.

They had the teacher as there IT teacher for the year, the day before the new system was going to be showcased they had a lesson with teacher. They had one objective in this lesson .To swap the cards out they needed to try and think of a way to make the teacher leave the room so that they could swap the cards around without him noticing. To do this they had a number of ideas. One to do a hoax call that one of his friends, pets or family members weren’t very well and secondly to put some sort of substance in the his coffee to make him need the toilet. They choose the second one. It was challenging and not quite as evil as the first idea of faking the illness of someone close to him. To put the substance in the coffee they needed to first distract the teacher. So one of them faked a virus on there computer. When the teacher went to try and fix the virus the other one went over and put the substance in the coffee.

After 5 minutes of the lesson the teacher left the room as he needed the bathroom badly. They then quickly took it upon themselves to try and find the ID card which was attached to the lanyard as quick as possible. They found the card and they switched out the old card for the new card. They quickly returned to their seat and then acted as normal as they could whilst wanting to burst into laughter.

The day came of the demonstration. The two boys were sat there in the audience waiting for the prank to happen. They had switched the card to bring up many embarrassing pictures from the teachers Facebook page. What one of the boys didn’t know is he was also subject to one of the pranks as his friend had double crossed him. He had also added baby photos of him while he was younger. The time came and the teacher did this big long speech about how great the system worked and how great it looked when you scan your card.

He went into the his pocket to pull out the card to scan. As he did the boys chuckled and then boom a video of the teacher dancing like a lama at a party in Ibiza came up. The whole room was laughing there head off and yet the second boy who played the prank had no idea of what was about to happen. A new song kicked in the teacher at this point was panicking trying to shut it down and couldn’t and then next the slideshow started of the boy as a kid. The most crazy pictures you could believe.¬† Horror struck the kids face. It was a hilarious moment.

This trick was only made possible by them purchasing a id card printer like the magic id card printer from a company like Lesar. They provide there printers throughout the world. For more jokes please submit your videos and stories via our contact us page.